Thursday, October 10, 2013

Every once in a while you come across something that shifts you into a paradigm and provokes you to look at things outside the box.  For the past few months, I have felt things shifting in a spiritual sense all around me.  I have journeyed to places in the prophetic realm that I never would have thought - places of mystery, places of beauty and also of discomfort. 

In my prayer time, I sense the Holy Spirit wooing me in new ways.  I am also made keenly aware that there is a sense of urgency to intercede that I haven't felt previously.  And it is not just intercession for my needs, my family or even for my church.  A mantle of intercession has come upon me as I step into the position of a Watchman and categorically been given prophetic assignments over nations. 

I owe all of this to one sole catalyst - "The Harbinger" by Johnathan Cahn.  How I came upon the book was as much a journey as reading it.  As I awoke on morning in anticipation for morning prayer time at our church, I had a peculiar sense of anticipation.  I hurried into the shower to ready myself.  As hot water rushed over me the atmosphere shifted and I felt a strong, authoritative presence of the Holy Spirit enter.  I clearly heard the word "Ground Shock".  As soon as the word was released, I was immediately launched into a vision.  I saw trains impacting the ground from derailment, bombs impacting the earth, planes hitting the ground, sinkholes forming and devastating weather elements shifting and changing the land.  I jumped out of the shower, dressed and prayed against ground shocks all the way to prayer.  Once there, I shared what I had just experienced.  Several ladies immediately perked up and began to talk quietly among themselves as though they were awed by what I had just experienced.  We prayed as a group against these "ground shocks" and it went back to business as usual as we interceded for prayer requests.  These women had piqued my curiosity, however, and I knew they knew something I didn't.  They were key and had insider information to what had occurred that morning.  After prayer, these women approached me and told me that in order to understand what I was seeing I needed to read the book "The Harbinger". 

I left prayer that morning on a mission to find this book and devour it.  I had a feeling as though I had just walked onto the set of the movie National Treasure and been given a divine direction - maybe even a seal - a mystery to unravel.  I rushed home to grab my husband, David, and our children so we could get to Walmart where they mentioned I could buy the book.  I almost left David standing in the parking lot as I rushed inside past all the home décor, office supplies and electronics.  I stood in the book aisle scanning all of the religious materials to no avail.  I turned back to find David coming down the aisle.  I had a sinking feeling like I had just failed this first mission.  But wait!  Something caught my eye!  Right there in the midst of the best sellers section - "The Harbinger's Study Guide".  It was a start!  I pushed through the books around it to try to find the original book to go with it.  After pouring through a couple of shelves, I unearthed it under a few of Jentezen Franklin's new book "The Spirit of Python".  My heart raced with excitement and anticipation.  I quickly put the book in my basket and rushed to meet back up with David. 

On the way back home from the store, David engaged me in idle chatter.  I was having a hard time grasping anything that he was saying, however, as I found myself lost in this mystery that was about to set me on a path of enlightenment.  Throughout the day as I finished homework, took care of the babies and cooked supper, the book called to me.  It was a matter of time before I would have babies asleep and could steal away like an adventurer soul longing to unveil and partake of an ancient secret. 

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